Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unique Wedding Favor... la fève

Wedding favors, love them, eat them, rarely remember them. I don't anyways. I always feel bad eating the chocolates, using the match book or storing the shot glass away in the cupboard only to donate it to a charity during my spring cleaning rounds (sorry friends but I'm being truthful). The crazy part is that they are such a staple to the experience that if I didn't get one I would definitely feel a bit jaded. So what's a bride and groom to do? The budget for each favors is quite small and by rights should be but when you add up every guest on the list the costs are usually hundreds of dollars.

On a recent buying trip I visited a fine antique dealer that specializes in French imports and came across a few tiny porcelain figurines that date back to the early to mid 1800’s used in the King’s Cake. The short version of the King’s Cake story goes like this…
The King's Cake is a tradition in many cultures and dates back to biblical times. In France a figurine called a la fève would be inserted into the celebratory cake and who ever found it in their piece of cake would be crowned King (or Queen) for the day!
Needless to say I scooped up some of the figurines to share with all of you. How fun would it be to have your pastry chef insert one of the la fève into your cake. At each table setting place a special note explaining the tradition of the King's Cake with your personal added twists of course! A fabulous prize for the newly crowned King or Queen could be a spa retreat, romantic getaway or even making a donation to their favorite charity. The ideas really are endless but one thing is for sure –  everyone will remember the thoughtfulness of your unique favor even if they weren't the ones to receive it! The cake will probably be completely consumed too!

And yes, we still have a few of the antique la fève available in the boutique but once they are gone...well you know how it goes. 

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