Monday, July 25, 2011

Up Up & Away

When I was a little girl I remember seeing my first hot air balloon floating quietly through the summer sky. It was such a magical sight for small eyes! “Where is it going? What far off enchanted world could it take me too?” My imagination soared even higher when I saw Wizard of Oz for the first time. Dorothy was so lucky she didn't miss that flight of a lifetime! 

Love Love Love the Wizard of Oz!

A little Hot Air Balloon History:
The 1783 Montgolfier hot-air balloon.
Photo courtesy of Wright Brothers
 My dream of floating away to a magical world filled with nothing but beauty is as strong now as when I was a child. I’m afraid of heights but the Hot Air Balloon sits high above my list of things to do in this world. I dream one day of owning a vintage one, full of colour & patterns with an antique woven basket and lots of dangling ribbons of course! I’d travel from carnival to carnival and of course back to Oz if given the chance!

In my more realistic world I've decided to pay homage to the most romantic, silently beautiful form of transportation I know. This fall I will be making 3 miniature models for our fall window display. The complete DIY details will be shared with all of you but for now my lovelies a sneak peek at the inspiration behind my fairy tale madness.
Use your imagination and take flight with me… Up Up & Away!

Antique Renderings: Photo Source Unknown
Gordon Bennett Race 1933.
Courtesy of Young Eagles
The first balloon wedding took place in 1865.
Read the hilarious story at
An old photo courtesy of Balloon Festival Hotels
 Have a Magical Monday my dears!!

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