Monday, May 2, 2011

TuTu Lamp Shade

We had a very charming antique Italian cherub lamp in the boutique that was in super condition BUT the lamp shade had seen better days! I wanted to create a unique lamp shade that was a bit over the top so tutu was my choice! These can be done in any size including the darling mini lamp charming for a wedding reception!

To start the transformation remove the old fabric and trims to expose the metal wire form and then head to your local fabric store. In total you'll need between 5 and 7 meters of tulle depending on the size of your shade but at $2 to $4 a meter more is always better. I purchased regular width tulle in a soft pink that was roughly 60" wide.

Once the lamp shade is free from all glue, fabric and trims you should decide to use it as is or paint the metal frame a similar colour to your tulle. I chose not to paint mine simply because I like the shabby chic look.

Next lay the tulle out on a large table and start cutting the strips. I cut strips 3" wide but you can go smaller or bigger depending on the look you're after. Cut up about half the tulle to start. When tying the tulle again you have options. You can use longer strips and wrap them around a few times with just one tied knot for less frill or do as I did and wrap only once for a fuller, frilly look. I trimmed the tied ends down to about 1 " to have them stand up like a bow would.

To finish off my lamp shade I added a complimentary satin ribbon in the dips, alternating the bows from top to bottom. There are lots of alternative fringes you can choose to create a very unique, one of a kind look!

One final note...If you intend on using this shade with a lamp that is used often you should probably wrap the entire shade with a layer of tulle first and then go back and double over with the tied pieces. This requires almost twice as much tulle but will alleviate the light bulb showing through when lit. 

Overview of the supplies needed
Old lamp shade - super easy to find!
Tulle - start with 5 to 7 meters, 10 or more if your wrap twice
Satin Ribbon or alternative trims

If you make one of these lovelies please do share! I love seeing the pictures of creative variations! I think I'll do one with some old fabric scraps...this post may be continued!
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