Friday, January 27, 2012

A 1950's Show Tune = Creative Genius!

As an avid collector of fun vintage smalls I've always had a soft spot for pocket watches. These faces of the past tell a million little stories that have been locked in time. So while reading my blog roll a few months back I fell madly in love when I discovered these beauties...

Knowing I just had to have one of my own and they would be the perfect addition to our new location I searched out the creator. Wouldn't you know she was right here in Chilliwack!

Rochelle is the creative mind behind the beautiful jewelry line known as 'Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets'. From the pocket watch faces to one of a kind jewelry, Rochelle handcrafts each piece using amazing vintage finds and a whole lot of artistic flair!

I'm so excited to visit Rochelle this Sunday at her studio in Chilliwack to finalize our first order! Knowing this blog post was coming first I had to ask her the one big curiosity I have...where did the name come from. Rochelle giggled and told me she named her business after her dog and its also a song from the 1950's film 'Damn Yankees'.  Too cute!

Its has been with great pleasure and excitement to finally introduce you all to Rochell and Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets! Now I feel like a little girl waiting for Christmas day! Only 2 more sleeps before I get to choose the pieces for arOka!!

Looking forward to more introductions next week! For now I'm off to decorate at arOka... Enjoy the weekend darlings!

Creative Curator

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